Thursday, August 12, 2010

Burn Your Favorite Video Games

Whats Up Fellow Gamers? Welcome to the "Burning Protected Games" Information and Review blog. My name is Smith and I wanted to provide some insight into the game Copy program that we have been using for the better part of this year , for burning protected games and a whole lot more.

Hopefully you havnt been using Modified Chips (MOD Chips) for burnign your video games -protected or not.

See, MOD Chips will cause you more problems than they are worth -AND they are more expensive. AND, you can use the Game Copy Wizard , and burn EVERY single video game, from ALL video game consoles -even the protected games.

Why Use "Game Copy Wizard"?

There are a few reasons why we use the Game copy Wizard for burning protected games. I already mentioned that we MUST avoid MOD Chips - which brings me to a major reason why we use this game copy software.

Because it is completely safe. The gaming companies allow this particular game burning program - and that is good. You cant void your warranty is you use it, AND, you wont have your XBox Live memberships cancelled -FOR LIFE!

Yes -Gamers have had there Live memberships cancelled -for using MOD's and other bad burning programs.

But the Game Copy Wizard actually works -Which, I think, most of us have found out that most other - if not all other- Game Copy programs dont. They might work some of the time. But eventually the sound goes out, or the video messes up, levels just disappear, the game freezes and TONS MORE.

Why doesnt this happen with the "Game Copy Wizard?"

Because of the technology it uses. Dont ask ,me why, but other game copy products are created by people that find it easier to just create game burning software without doing more in depth research. Its faster, and they dont have to pay as much for set up fee's and other expenses. But thats what separates the Game Copy Wizard.

It is created by using the EXACT SAME TECHNOLOGY that is used when our video games are originally created. It is actually an "Information Transfer" technology, and when we use it to burn protected games - (and other video games) - it actually creates a 1:1, 100% Playable Copy of the original video game -Protected or Not.

And it has EVERYTHING to do with the "Information Transfer" technology. The biggest reason why our games are protected, is because of MOD chips and other game burning programs. They are aware that we are using game copy software that the games are NOT familiar with.

But when we use the Game burning software described here, they do not notice anything different from when they were first created -see how this works?

Its like burning your own , Brand New video game, right off the press!

And you can start burning protected games from ALL the major video game consoles as well
Burn your protected games to DVDs and CDs - and then play the copied video games, while your original games stay safe, in the box or case.

Its best for gettin top trade in value or if you want to lend your video games to friends and family.

If you want to check out the all the different video game consoles that can be burned along with all the complete information and reviews for the "Game Copy Wizard" game burning program -Just follow the link:

Burning Protected Games - And TONS MORE!